Stained Glass Studio

About TLC

TLC Stained Glass began as many things do, as a hobby in a garage. I’d just left a decade of teaching science behind and without this career to take up all of my time, I was feeling adrift. Over lunch, Anton Delgado, a dear friend, had mentioned that he’d been a stained glass artist on and off for over 40 years, but that he was retired now and more or less done with the tools and materials. He was generous enough to give me a one off lesson and turn me loose with some extra materials he had. Over the coming months, he got to see my skill and interest grow and I was accepted into an apprenticeship at a local Glass Studio.

Anton passed in 2023, but got to see the studio come to fruition before he passed. Even on his deathbed, he wanted to offer me more books, more ways to continue my exploration. 

I opened TLC Stained Glass in 2021 and continue to honor Anton’s memory and my own creative heart by teaching workshops, completing commission work, and repairing and restoring old or broken stained glass panels.

Meet the Team!

Mykie Bailey, Brian Madrid, Theresa Cashman, JT Spencer, and Olivia DeArmond