How often do you get to dabble in an art form that began in the 600’s AD?

Our class invites participants into century’s-old techniques to design and create beautiful glass pieces. You’ll learn how to create a design that works for the medium of glass, score and break colorful or clear art glass, and utilize techniques developed by Tiffany and others to bind the glass pieces together into a finished piece to take home with you.

One-off Dabble Class

Design and build an ornament to take home and learn the basics of stained glass artistry.

Learn the basics of stained glass design and what makes for a strong design. Cut and shape art glass of various colors and textures of your choosing. Learn copper foiling and soldering techniques created by Comfort Tiffany.

Absolute novices welcome! Discounts given to BIPOC

Long-form MYO Panel Class (4-8 week sessions)

Dive into this class at any time! Design and build your own stained glass panel.

You’ll learn all of the skills demonstrated in the One-Off Dabble Class, but with much more depth and time to explore how the glass behaves in your hands. Contact me directly to organize your first session!

Pricing and length of class dependent on size of panel, colors chosen, and complexity of design. Lead caming techniques also available upon request.

Holiday Ornament Class

Create beautiful gifts for loved ones or decorations for your home this holiday season.