Stained Glass Studio

Hanging, Care and Safety

Stained glass is a surprisingly durable and long-lasting medium when properly cared for. Here are some tips for maintaining your piece:


While suction cup hooks, fishing lines, and ribbon are extremely tempting ways to exhibit your stained glass piece in a window, they will all eventually fail. A much better option is to install a cup hook(s) above the window and use a chain rated to the weight of your piece to display the beautiful colors and textures of your stained glass. 


Finished stained glass pieces will naturally oxidize over time. This can be delayed by waxing the piece using car wax. Gentle glass polish and a soft rag can be used to periodically clean your piece and will help return it to its original shine. (This is often done in the final cleaning processes before a piece is delivered.) Keep your piece inside, away from the elements, to extend the life of the piece. 


Stained glass works contain lead (unless explicitly labeled as “lead-free”).  Finished lead works are perfectly safe to have in your home and will not off-gas or affect the air of your home in any way. However, out of an abundance of caution, please wash your hands after handling your piece and keep stained glass works out of reach of children.

As always, if you have any questions about caring for your stained glass piece, please reach out!